How do you guys feel about fifa2004 2nd vedio?


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Originally posted by Hrvoje385
it is not BUG, i dont know how to say in english (my poor english :D )

So if it not a bug what is it.

So what your saying is you think this perfectly ok the way it is?


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regardless the game pretty much is worthless compared to any other soccer game. Even WTS. The fact is, 2003 should of never left EA's doors with those bugs in it..


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I dont know if u would agree with me or not
but I think that EA gave us fifa 2003 as - I dont know what to say - light meal.
so they spent most of the time to make the graphic and the basic new gameplay engine
and I think that they didnt stop upgrading the gameplay engin even before fifa 2003 was released I mean that they have 2 years now working on the game play engin and from the 1st impression for matt he said that this is a pre-alpha ver. which mean it isnt even an alpha ver.
so the people who already judeged the game had make the wrong dicision cause it's to soon to decide
so I think if they did what i am thinking they done
The 2 years working gameplay should rock or I wont trust EA again
so what do u think
and please accept my aploogize if my english is not too good

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I agree with some of that.. But we have no idea if EA is making a realistic gameplay engine to satisfy the majority of hardcore soccer players and fans. Fifa has been more of a arcade type game for many years now.. and i dont know if EA cares enough to change the style an dgameply to be more like konami's. Its a wait and see game.. But I bet you that the gameplay engine for 2004 is pretty much done.. and it wont be dramicatlly different then 2003.. I'm not saying they have stopped working on it.. But I dont think they have a good base.. even with 2003. I think maybe by 2005 will it actually be competing with Konami in the gameplay dept.

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Looks slower :) not much better or worse in the over gameplay from what we have seen.. but even still we know ea hypes us up every year, and then craps all over us. So I wont buy into it this year. cause I have the best game ever at my finger tips.. and I have no need for a lightweight soccer game in my life.. Only the real stuff baby! WE6 FE