How do you find a list of top scorers?


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How do you find a list of top scorers?

I have searched this forum and couldn't find anythin.

I use fifa 2005 on PS2.


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It sucks because they don't have a league leaders category. Instead, you've got to go team by team to check who the top goal scorers are. Wow, that's another good thing that EA took out. I'm hoping they'll have a leage leaders section for 2006 where you can see leaders in goals, assists, cards etc...Basically, just more stats would be nice


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Yeah it sure does mate, they left out alot of things just :f***: me off. :( I just hope they bring back hte Substitution Cinematics back. :)


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It`d be great if they separated the league goals from the cup and european tournament goals. That way you dont end up with inflated stats. Ea should hire somone from Tecmo to handle the stats stuff. The were the best back in the day.