HoppyJoe's Faces


Senior Squad
Kasabian0_0;3891883 said:
Excellent Alisson!

anasie10;3891884 said:
One of your best works.
Just fix the hair a little bit (front texture mostly).

krisaju95;3891885 said:
+1, hairline needs to be fixed too

abhiraj;3891887 said:
superb alisson

jeetmusic;3891902 said:
gr8 update!

Kenny_C;3891913 said:
Stunning face, with a little update to the hair, it'll be epic.

dato1988ts;3891952 said:
Good job mate.. Improve his hair and thats all..

][guNNer][;3892022 said:
Incredible's face Alisson. Great quality!

ronaldokg;3892048 said:
Nice Alisson...

Lugano5;3892082 said:
Alisson Becker Perfect!!! +2 François Kamano

Thanks a lot guys, your comments inspire me :mrpimp:

Becker is released on my website



Youth Team
Hmm i've just check that he has bug with hair, there are green and blue pixels on hair in the match and in the "edidting players" , fix that and it will be great :P