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1 °: It is with great happiness that I come here to say that, Until the end, You don't need to download anything from the vertise link anymore. :bouncy::mike::lui:

2 °: The second draw is coming and this time, I will only make the draw if it hits the goal of participants, Which will be: 16 Participants. :)

3 °: I am accepting orders, so if you want to order some face with me, contact us in the inbox that we will arrive at a great price. :innocent_smile_1:
When does the new draw start?

HM Facemaker

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HM Facemaker

1 °: I want to wish you all strength and positive energy. In this crazy moment that we are living, we need to unite and have the strength to fight this damn virus. (Y)

2 °: As I cannot help you at all. I'll do my part trying to make the game a little more fun. From tomorrow I will release face packs every day .. YES, EVERYDAY. maybe one day or another it won't happen, for reasons that are beyond my reach. But this is what is planned. :innocent_smile_1:

3: The draw starts now. This time I will try to do something more organized. I will make available a link below the photo of the draw. Within this link there will be a text file with a message. To participate just download the file, copy the message with the code inside this file and send me the message along with your desired face. As soon as you send the message I will send you your lucky number. :) I'm doing it this way because I will have better control of participants. :)

HM Facemaker

Hello guys. I come here again, ask for your opinion. I created this version of João Felix's face. I know that there are already several faces created from him. But humbly I think this is the best version so far. :innocent_smile_1:. I know he has his face scanned on FIFA 20. But I think he will never go out for the Nintendo Switch version, that means it can never be converted to FIFA 14, so I decided to create my version. If you think it deserves to be published. COMMENT !!!!!!! :-)