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Hello people. How are you? Today the draw of the face of your choice begins. To participate is very simple, just comment on this photo and write the face of your choice. That simple. Only one comment will be valid and the draw will be made on 03/14/2020. If you don’t hear comments, you simply won’t see a draw. :)

Pedro Gonçalves (Famalicão)


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Julian Baumgartlinger


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Hello guys. This is my version of Renan lodi, One of the greatest promises of the left wing of world football. Even though I know that such a creation already exists, I decided to create my version. What do you think? Should it be launched or not? Please comment what you think. :)

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It's an amazing Lodi! Mate, release him. I don't understand people when they complain about facemakers doing faces that somebody else already made... First of all we can all make whatever face we want. And second, if a face is made it doesn't mean that it can't be made better. And every time I see that a new face is a step up comparing to the already existing (all due respect to facemaker who did previous version) I support it and encourage it! Great face once again :D


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[QUOTE = "HenriqueMota34, publicación: 6584841, miembro: 219007"] 20 por ahora. Entonces tengo la intención de aumentar la meta un poco más. Sé que eres capaz. :)[/CITAR]
what is there to do? I want to participate

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[QUOTE = "joshua3231, cargo: 6584859, membro: 217422"] [QUOTE = "HenriqueMota34, publicação: 6584841, membro: 219007"] 20 por hora. Ative a intenção de aumentar o meta mais um poço. Sé que eres capaz. :)[/ CITAR]
O que há para fazer? Eu quero participar [/ QUOTE]

Basta comentar na foto do sorteio com o nome do jogador que você deseja.

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Hello guys. I'm creating the next pack of faces and I realized that the creations of young promises don't have many clicks. So I decided to ask your opinion to help me choose the right players for creation. Tell me already known players who never had a decent face. Example: Julian Weigl. Comment. :)