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you dont have enough players, or the tactic you are using hasnt got all the lines filled...

make sure you fill all lines on the tactic your using.


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heres mine...



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hmmmm i dont see any differences whit my tactic


INVALID DEFINE economy:: 21 000 BGL

INVALID DEFINE economy::weekly_cost_restaurant 0 BGL

INVALID DEFINE economy::weekly_cost_hotdogvendor 55 608 BGL

Total 76 608 BGL


INVALID DEFINE economy::trainer_recommended_salary_3_max 0 BGL

INVALID DEFINE economy::trainer_recommended_salary_4_min 4 000 BGL

INVALID DEFINE economy::trainer_recommended_salary_5_max 38 793 BGL

INVALID DEFINE economy::trainer_recommended_salary_6_min 1 770 BGL

and what about these invalid economy reports :rolleyes:


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no idea.. i rarely log into hockey... is your team activated? have you been banned? how many hockey players do you have?


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im sorry i cant help you out any further... you may have to email support ... cant think of the email of the top of my head... maybe pop the question in the managerzone forum for hockey on the actual site... send me some friendlies.. im not active but il accept them

user name = mutt
team name = given up