Help with my Ati 1600


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Hi everybody, I just registered to find some help solving a little problem about my PEs6.

Each time I start a Match, I can see an Horizontal line in the middle of the screen. Some freinds of mine told me it's because of a lack of vertical Sync, but I can't find any way to fix it by windows XP options.
I tried exploring the Ati settings, but I don't know what it is to change.

Someone does?


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Go to ATI control panel and then 3D settings. Then All settings. If you scroll down towards the bottom there is an option called ''wait for vertical refresh''. Turn that to always on(all the way to the right). Hope this helps. Good luck


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Well, thanks. It seems to work a little better now. The f%*#ing line appears and disappears during the game instead of staying here all the time.

But when it reappears it looks more annoying than before!!

Any other tip?