Help with creating tournaments in career mode


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Hello, I've been trying to build up the 24 European team championship in career mode. I edited all files, but it takes a lot of time because the European Championship ID is 980 and it is in the file (compobj) at the beginning, where there are 1700 lines of code. When it comes to creating, each tournament file references lines in another file. I correctly added the 24 team euro structure to my career, but I am kicked out of the game because I still have bad references in some files but it takes a long time to check it. So I ask if I will copy, for example, the compobj file to excel, and then to the second compids sheet, for example, if it can be linked to show the current line number eg.362.
If I add 15 lines between lines 75 and 76, is there any way I can quickly update the addresses of the remaining lines so as not to manually change it line by line? I know that editing tournaments is not easy, but using the guide, you can easily get by after a few hours and days.
Editing the addresses of lines in so many files is very easy to make a mistake, so I ask if there is a chance to automate it in Excel.
I created playable Albania, Croatia and Kosovo. - Tutorial is here
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