Help reverting Career mode back to 2013 with moddingway 17/18 mod?


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I'm back to playing FIFA 14 and installed Moddingway mod, using the last 17/18 mod (It's a good period, Liverpool start to rise and other ain't crumble to dust yet), but due many superstar just retire right after 1st season since their age are high (Ibra, Dani Alves, Robbery, Chielini, Marchisio,...) which suck badly, so I want to revert the career mode starting back to 2013 instead, but just changing the starting date in cmsetting.ini is not work (the competition became all over the place) and my attemp of changing setting in compdata went horrible wrong (Career start in 2013 but no game, no transfer,...). Could anyone help me out on this?
Also, I notice some player (Nesta, Facchetti,...) has their commentary name spoken when receive the ball in the default database, but in any other database (classic, I also try adding them in other database) the commentator seem to forget their name despite their ID number as well their sound name ID is still the same, anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks for your read and help. Stay safe, goodluck gaming and have a nice day.


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This file takes care of withdrawals in career mode, I don't remember if I modified it or extracted it from some mod.
Move it to your DLC folder and regenerate.


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Yes, setting retirement higher in the retirement ini is one possibility. But that doesn't always work. You also have to set youth regeneration lower so that less players retire. It's in the same ini.

As for setting the years back for career mode I am also interested in that. You have to correct the dates in the various dlc files. You can also set the years in CM. But I haven't managed to make this completely work yet. Can anyone give an overview of ALL the files that need to have the year data replaced?