Help opening Winter Roster in Creation Master


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EA finally provided a Winter Roster update for PC and I downloaded it from within the game with no problem.

However - I would LOVE to be able to use various tools to continue to make changes such as CreationMaaster11.
My problem is - there are no instructions or tutorials that I know of for Creationmaster, FileMaster or the Regenerator programs and no details available for where EA puts its file information.

I can see that I have .BIG files, roster .DB files and possibly individual custom rosters in my Documents section if I create any.

What these files do and when the programs access them I have no idea.
My problem is this - When I play Fifa I am playing with the updated rosters - great!
When I go to edit anything using CreationMaster - I am looking at the old, original rosters - no good - I want to edit the teams I am playing with!

So - I downloaded a copy of the WinterRosterUpdate in DB format...
I exported my fifa files using DataBasemaster which I think crteated new DB files...
I overwrote those DB files using the WinterRosterUpdate files - but when I use CreationMaster I still can't see the new squads!


Thanks if you can help.