help me with selecting graphics card...Geforce fx 5200 or ati 9200se??


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i wrote this at the technical section but no 1 respnded...plzzz let me know!!

only geforce fx 5200 and ati radeon 9200 se are in my budget right now...i have a gefoce 2 card rite runs ok on medium...slow sometimes.....but games like prince of persia...splinter cell pt and top spin not running because of pixel shader.....which of these cards is better to buy and are they any good??? plzz help me out here.....will they run the latest games like half life 2 and doom 3 fine???


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I'd say the ati was the best of the two but you would have problems running games like doom 3 and half life 2. Whats your budget??


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Hey Rahul..i got the Geforcefx 5200..for abt May..its cheaper now..abt 3000 bucks last heard
Its a good card in tht budget..but well below expectations..expecially since i got the same kinda results from my onboard card..
I dont know anyone having the ATi 9200..
Besides..upgrade the RAM too..coz 256 just doesnt do it even thos if u got a card..i just added 128 more(total 384 now)..and suddenly i can play all games on hight and the card performance improved too!(H)


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helps a lot??? i have two other options as well...
i can get a geforce fx 5200 256 mb card for 4150 or a
geforce fx 5700 for around 6150.....but that'll get a little too expensive....

so what do u think...which 1 shud i go for?? will 5200 run most of the games smooth?? have u tried prince of persia or doom 3 on it?? please add me to your [email protected]


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FX5200 is the previous card I had. It struggled to run PES3/WE7 on anything above medium detail and 800 x 600 but I don't know how it runs PES4 which is less intensive.


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Get the dearest card you can afford....I mean leave yourself broke, worth it in the long run

and as some1 said earlier more MEMORY!!!!
that will help so much.


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thanx for the opinions....stad that'll get a little too much..:)

but any1 who is playing pes 4 and other latest games with fx 5200 or radeon 9200 se plzzz let me know how it plays


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I played pes3 and pes4 with a GeForce FX 5200 before changing to radeon 9800 pro, and i must say that pes4 runs far better than pes3. In 800x600 with full details it is extremely fine.


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Hey Rahul..i added u to my msn...
Btw..I havent got my Hands on PES4 yet..but PES3 does work OK on 800*600 ..on my FX5200..its really low class coz its XFX..they depend on make too..i heard another company makes better Nvidia cards...
..its just setting it to high priority and disabling Antivirus thts required!


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Whatever you do don't buy an ATI 9200! I have that and it sucks so bad. Only way I can play (without slowdown and major fps drop) is by having the lowest detail and resolution set! DO NOT BUY THIS CARD! I'd switch back to Geforce if I had the money in an instance. ATI drivers and tweakers are horrible! It's ridiculous.


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thanx guys...there's also an option of a 256 mb geforce fx 5200...for rs there lots of diff b/w the 128 and 256 1s??? and i think they are giving XFX 1s and not msi....if not much diff b/w 128 and 256 then i can save some money


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256 is not neccessary
for pes4, 128 would be enough
and most of the time, 256 is slower than 128...(wired?)

the frequence of the memory is far more important, 3.5ns memory runs at 650mhz but 5ns memory only runs like 400mhz...big difference

and never ever choose ati se's crippled.
i was using a 9600se when playing pes3...but when it comes to pes4...9600se can only support 800 600 median(in overclock condition)

now i switched to geforce ti 4600....1024 768 high, 2AA,2AF....60fps...everything perfect


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Well, man I think you wait a bit untill you can afford and get a better card.

I don't consider GF5200 a graphics card.. Also 9200se is a piece of ****...

Anyways for WE/PES games you better get Geforce TI..
For the Next generation games.. get Radeon 9800.

5200 runs all the games, but VERY SLOW, even at the lowest res.
Radeon 9000 or 9200 (NOT the SE) runs all games also but better than the 5200.


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I have a ATI 9200, and I run PES4 just fine (1024x768, high detail).

I also play Half Life 2 with no major problems.

I do have 1 GB of RAM, not sure how that impacts things.