Help me Please!!!


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I really need some help on buying new players. I am reading and i am 5th in the table. OK, I know thats not bad. But only about 2 matches ago i waz 2nd. I have done well but my team is starting to lose determination, i would prefer help with finding a defender or goalkeep thanks


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if you were 2nd a few games ago i dont really think you have any problems. Id save your money



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Originally posted by PSVFOREVER
Who are you? What is your transfer budget?
50,000 cos i bought nigel reo-coker, Jemaine Darlington and Patrick Ameyiang, from wimbeldon, who are real bargins.
By theway i am Reading.


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Why are you winking after every message? ;)

Try getting loan stars, like Candsell-Sherriff (DC) from Leeds and Wayne Henderson (GK) from Villa.