Help Me Please! I Really Need Your Help!


Senior Squad
Hello guys I really need your help. I was trying to find Duong's 11th 08 Faces Pack in the whole Internet but unforunately I couldn't do this (there is one link here it is Download via zSHARE ( that was given by Duong but it's not workable and Duong is offline and there is a link at Chinese site but I can't load it from there because I don't know chinese language). So I'm looking for a person who has this 11 pack. If you have this pack please write here or contact with me (or write a normal workable link to download this Duong's pack 11) I''ll be very grateful. It won't be very hard for you because it weights only 0,25 Mb but I'll be very thankful. Thank you very much!
P.S. Honestly I really need only Victor Valdes face from this Duong's 11th 08 Faces Pack (maybe you know another pack or patch that includes Duong's Victor Valdes face then please write here it's name or give a link or contact with me). Who has Duong's 11th 08 Faces Pack please write me or send it to me or maybe give me a workable link. Thank you very much and thank's for your help!!!:bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::33vff3o:33vff3o::clapwap::clapwap: