Help me pick a lower league team please....


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I'am looking for a challenge since I just updated to 7.0.1

I would like to manage club that i can bring to the top league (ex. english, italian, german, spanish etc..) any suggestions would be great.



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Rimini [Italia Serie B]
it is a feeder club of Milan...
Try loan some Milan reserve'll get quality players before you can actually buy one.
Digao, brother of the almighty Kaka [he is already in your team for a season-long loan, if i'm right]
Willy Abameyang, a good youngster....


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Sutton Utd!!
A club close to London in Conference South. I got Arsenal as a parent club in my first season and am now in my 4th in League Two. Its fairly tough, little money and little crowds but the stadiums 7000+ so if you do well you can get some ticket sales in.

Im lovin it! :D


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Maybe try a league that is a bit obscure, i'm currently managing Dunajska Streda in the Slovak 2nd division, so hard to get promotion in that league!

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bognor hardest team 2 manage on the game no transfer budget rubbish players and expected 2 get relegated from confrence south