[Help] How to convert PNG files to .rx3??


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Hello friends how are you? I would like to know how to convert files PNG to rx3 because I downloaded a Faces for my Fifa14 but the Face and Eye file come in PNG file format. So you need to convert them to rx3 to install, since I do not use the CM14 because when trying to install a texture through this gives me error and I crash the game so to install faces, directly copy all files in the folder corresponding. Sorry if there are any errors in the preparation of the Thread, I am new to the forum.
Thank you very much to all!

Hola amigos, como están? Quisiera saber como convertir archivos Png a rx3, ya que me descargué unas Faces para mi Fifa14 pero el archivo face y el archivo eye vienen en formato PNG. Por lo que necesitaría convertirlos a rx3 para poder instalarlos, ya que no utilizo el CM14 porque al tratar de instalar una textura por medio de este me da error y me crashea el juego por eso, para instalar faces, directamente copio todos archivos en la carpeta correspondiente. Disculpen si hay algún error en la elaboración del tema, soy nuevo en el foro.
Muchas Gracias a todos!


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white_knight;3903968 said:
You can't convert .png to .rx3, it makes no sense (it's like converting .png to .mp3). What you want to do is import your .png's inside the .rx3 file using FIFA File Explorer 2014 or an equivalent tool.

Plus, if you had searched for it, you would have found there's already a thread on this: http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=192485

Thanks for answering. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm new to the forum and in the edition of FIFA. I will try to do what you told me. Thanks again