Help: Bug when creating players! (PC version)


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Hi there!
I'm having a problem creating players in fifa 2005.
I had created some time ago 11 players, and put them in a team. Now I want to create 11 more to put them in another team, but after I create some then the next players I create have a default appearence, no matter what I do. I had this problem yestarday, then I loaded another squads file I had, made 7-8 players and then the same again.

I hope someone helps me as soon as possible, as I need to fix this very much.
Thanks in advance!


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Oh, btw, if there's any program that let's you create the players and then import them to the game without losing any data or without any crashes, please post it.

Thanks again!


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You can create the players in Creation Center, its so easy. I think there is a limit on the number of created players you can have, when creating new players with the game itself.