Heard this one has online probs too...


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Well a friend told me that PES5 suffers from the same problem that PES4 had...

People with routers have hard times...that is what I've heard from a friend of mine.

Is it true? If it is, what is the port/ports i have to forward?

Or there is no issues with routers this time?


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I don't think there are any 'problems' as such, more that people aren't sure how to operate their routers :D.

You just need to forward port 5790. PES searches at the start for a port that is open, so it won't let you go into the network until it has succesfully found an open port. 5790 is the default though.


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I'm behind a router and couldn't get PES4 to work at all online, even after opening all the necessary ports.

PES5 however works a treat. No hassles at all.