Heading Corners/Crosses????


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I keep on smashing the header button on headers/crosses and I never get it, not once, every other type i win with they same thing, smashing the header button, but it wont let me win headers/crosses in the game, didn't get one yet, always the comp, it pisses me off, anyone got any advice? tips? pointers?


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you have to header the ball "last"
or another way keep tapping it
you should win the majority of defensive headers
problem I have is that from corners that I take can't get enough power into the headers


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i have found heading quite easy on the ps2 controller, what i found was, that if i turn sharply, facing backwards of the goals

than press square, the ball curls into the goals, or that direction, and they striker, or whoever has a much better chance of scoring because the goalkeeper doesnt get in the way :rockman:


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that dont work for me :(, i keep on mashing my header button and it does nothing, all my players do is just sit their and jump lik a moron and miss the ball :kader: :f***: ,


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well, your getting on ps2 for xmas eh?
you will find, as most likely many others, that to cross and header correctly, is much easier on the ps2

you more often actual dive or lean foward, and kick it in


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keep taping A when you take a corner you header it overhead kick it and vollyit you only do one of them anyway, ive done some good goals with it


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I have the PS2 version, with a bit of practise you can score some good headers.

1) Put in a cross at a good height to head at
2) Make sure the player receiving the cross is selected
3) Keep tapping the header button and use the left analogue stick to aim in the direction of the goal.

I haven't yet mastered scoring headers from corners but ive been able to do volleys etc etc


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thx for all da replys and help everyone :D, ill try dat when i get it for PS2, rite now i got it for comp and it has no analog sticks, maybe dats da reason its harder :@