HBZ Career Mode Mod (F19-14 - 18/19 Season)

v3 will be my last EVER mod, what features are most important to you? (Pick up to 2)

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I don’t have one, so look for the problem
it crashes me right now.


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after installing the patch, I can't get to see players overwall in career mode. I've got the "gtndatareveal" file, but I can't make it work, does anyone know how to fix that issue?


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Hello HBZ, great patch, works flawless for me, I would like to ask you, how to add stadium to game, without causing damage to db.?


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I'm playing career mode and I do not get the "Europa League", it does not even appear when I qualify for the Europa League, some solution??? :md:


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2.5.1 Patch is installed and used. A black screen appears when you play at the Maracana Stadium. Do you have these symptoms? Let me know the solution.