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Hey guys,

Hope you enjoy the CC so far. I had fun making it

Some important notes here.

1. Make sure you have the .NET framework installed on your PC.
2. Read the readme.txt file that comes with package.
3. Read the FAQ file that comes with the package.

When all fails, post a message here but look through to see if your questions have been answered elsewhere in the Forum. This will reduce the time I need to read the duplicated problems and give more time to work on the real issues.

If you get an error message make sure you write down what it is. Better still, if there is a button on the message box labelled "Details" then click on it, note down (or copy) the details display and post them with your message.

The CC is in no way perfect, there will be the occasional glitches but I am intend to give it the best shot. Please be patient with me because I have other pressing commitments.


Remember, the more information I have about your problems then the more chance your problems can be sorted out!


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Chau how do i set the directory of the fifa.db?

Whereas i want the FIFA 2005/data/cmn/fifa.db directory.

NB: ive solved my other problem with the .net framework

My Email and MSN: [email protected]


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Originally posted by RobbieD_PL
Chau how do i set the directory of the fifa.db?

Whereas i want the FIFA 2005/data/cmn/fifa.db directory.

NB: ive solved my other problem with the .net framework

My Email and MSN: [email protected]

This weird!

The CC looks up the registry for the installed folder of FIFA 2005.

Check your registry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EA Sports\FIFA 2005\Install Dir

Do not mess with the registry unless you are absolutely sure.

If all fails, uninstall and re-install FIFA 2005. The CC works best with a fresh copy of FIFA 2005.


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When it comes to the part of updating Windows installer it says can't acces Windows Installer and cant finish installation? Please help


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i cant reinstall FIFA 2005 bc my cd 2 doesnt work, meaning that when i use it to play fifa it just flashes a couple of black screens and returns to the desktop, and i dont have that directory for FIFA 2005 in my registory...

Also some thing odd. All i have in the EASports reg folder are folder for both CC's of 2004 and 2005, nothing for the games I have installed... :o :confused:

Is there anyway that i can add a new folder to the EASports registry and add that string of info?


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I got the cc to work fine,but i cant see that there is a readme or FAQ file in the zipfile,have browsed the cc directory, can't see them there eighter!
can anyone tell me where to find them,cuz i would like to read them before i start to change somthing that i dont know enything about!

EDIT: I found them!


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Hey chau!
Unforunatly I get an error message if I try to install CC. It appears after the "Install Factory" window is closed.

I attached the error message in german, but I try to translate it as good as possible:

"Irsetup.exe - Point of entry (??) not found

Entry to procedure (??) "SetHandleContext" has not been found in the DLL "KERNEL32.dll"."

Of course I've installed the .net framework. I hope you can help! Thanks in advance for the help and the hopefully great tool! ;)

Sorry, it's a problem of my system, not of your tool! ;)


Can you give a step by step as to what you did? It may be that your career settings conflict with the changes you've made with the CC...


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Hmm I just dragged Chong-Gug Song from Feyenoord to Suwon Bluewings (Korea) and André Bahia from Flamengo to Feyenoord.

Then in Teammanagement the only player I see in Feyenoord is B. Ventura. And in Playerselection I don't see any players at all.


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.NET Framework and CC

I noticed that there were many people that had the same problems like me with .NET Framework and CC2005

I managed to get everyting right and now CC works great :)

1. Make sure you have .NET Framework v1.1 not 1.0 (if you have 1.0 you will get an error about a dll file in the windows folder), get .NET Framework from here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...e3-f589-4842-8157-034d1e7cf3a3&displaylang=en - it's in the readme :p

2. If you can't install .NET Framework v1.1 (Windows installer error)do this. Open with winzip the dotnetfx.exe and extract it intro a temporary folder. Now in that folder you will have 5 files, run netfx.msi and now you will be able to install .NET Framework v1.1 and run CC2005


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CC2005 starts without problems. But when I try to open a league I get this error message:

If i ignore it, I can't see any teams to edit in this new window.


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Help with CC 2005 Thread

Could someone help me with CC 2005, i cant see to get NET framework

Could someone pm the file like on yousendit

You Send It


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i enter in the program and it asks me if i want to save before CLOSING!... :kader:

if i select NO he returns to desktop. if i select YES i enter in the program but when i try to do something appears the error that seedmaker posted...



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I have a portuguese FIFA2005 version. The CC seems to work just fine, but when I run FIFA, all the database is gone!!! I can't understand why this happens. I guess the changes are stored in the "fifa.db" file (as it happened with CC2004) and this should be an universal file, which has nothing to do with the language's version of the game (which should only afect the commentaries, since the menu leanguage is on the eng.db, por.db, etc. files).
Have you got any idea what the problem is? I checked tht there are more persons with the same problem.
I sincerely hope that it doesn´t come that, because of my country's version, I cannot use the CC2005.

Thank you. And greetings. By the way: although I could not really check it out, it seems you did a nice job.