Have you ever snubbed a movie on principle?


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Reloaded and Revolutions weren't as good as the original but there is no way u are telling me that they were so bad that u left the cinema hall! The first one was so good that everyone was expecting the other two to come out the same way but they didn't. So instead of saying the other 2 were good (the first one was better than excellent and it was a new concept) people started saying that they are bad just because they weren't as good as the first one. The visual effects in all 3 are still one of the best effects I have ever seen.


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Aye!! You won't have me questioning the quality of any of The matrix special efects. It was the series that took special effect to a whole new level.


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Parra Power;2320988 said:
Sometimes I lay awake at night wondering if I'm the only one in the world who enjoyed the trilogy :nape:

I think while the effects and set pieces in the final two parts were exceptional, the story became too confused and also shifted away from the Matrix itself - which IMO is what made the first one great. The realworld sequences tended to drag too much, whereas the Matrix bits were very well done. The centre story was really supposed to be Smith and Neo.



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Mask 2 and Dumb & Dumberer

Snubbed them for as long as I could, decided to watch them, ****ty **** ****.
Why do they think, that by taking quality classics starring Jim Carrey from about 10 years ago and making a sequel starring completely unfunny actors, you will have a hit? I mean, Jamie Kennedy? Come on! They're ruining the good name of the early Carrey movies.