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Hi everyone ! I have create a site for faces and other things just for FIFA15. I`m gonna share my face works at there and here too.

Why I created a site ?
Last years I maked many faces and almost every faces links is broken. So I`m gonna upload every work to my website and you can download it everytime. I`m making download area for the easy download. For example if you want to search your team players faces, you can find it so easy thanks to category tree.


--Download Area page--
---Faces Category
----Turkish Super League
-----Beşiktaş JK
------Demba Ba

Reserved. :)


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afwan11;3738420 said:
PM Sepak if you want to change your thread.



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DizzeeSpellz;3739231 said:
Wow, you're an amazing web designer dude. :)
Would be nice if you had a translation button on your site. :P

Thanks bro :) yeap, of course I`m gonna add translation button for foreign users :)

FV. Wesjuh

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Great face model! Now only add a great hair model instead of this generic stuff.

How do you get your faces like that in Blender?