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Germany away



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Originally posted by rvdv
Please fix the Ajax third kit, because they don't play in the CL anymore.
Then use it for your FIFA 2005 CL tourney moron . . . :rolleyes:

Hagi dude, what a great Ajax third. I`ve learned something from it. The effects you put on it is so ****in` cool (H)(Y)


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Just bloody amazing kits man..............i know you hear it all the time but they are just class.....Its great to have you back here mate.....................:D :rockman:


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Originally posted by ajaxforever
Ohh mannn........... :kader:
Are you guys blind or something??
Or do you ask this because you hate Hagi (don't know why :S )................. :rolleyes:

:kader: :rolleyes: HAGI!!!!

Originally posted by ajaxforever
Well, I don't do any requests.
But in that case I'll do the Mexico kits, coz I have some Nike teams, like Russia, Holland, Korea, USA and Portugal, which I'll make these days.

Thanks Hagi .


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Thanks guys.

Well, kitmaking is a hobby of mine. I do it whenever I have time. And now I have a lot of time, coz I'm on vacation from the University and no girlfriend around to go on my nerves.
If I have not much time, then I just make some quick kits. That means 4 or 5 kits of the same template, like the adidas or NIKE shirts. The problem are those small things, like mising logos, which couldn't be found or missing pics of socks, etc.


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brilliant kits hagi!! love em all !!

have u made the manu kits yet??? would love to have your manu 1s in the game.....coz the keeper kit i currently have looks a little purpleish instead of black.......dont take this as a request!!


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a hint? ;) hagi should make some good referee kits, so we have great club kits AND great referee kits too!

the game will look stunning with this combination!:rockman:


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Maybe I'll make some referee kits. Don't know yet.
I was studying Tourism in Brazil. But I'll may change to Latinamerica studies, specialized in Brazil studies.

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