Greek League Mega Patch!!!


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Hello guys!!!

FIFA 2006 comes out in 7 days but... No Greek League again!!!
Why? I can't understand... We are the European Champions!!!
What we should do so as EA put us in the game?
Who knows? Maybe if we take the World Cup too then they think
to include us in the game. Anyway...

This is the reazon that I'm making the Greek Mega Patch.
Well, I just finished with the kits, all of them and now I'm
making the other grafics like, game backgrounds, logos,
adboards etc.

I calculate that I will have finished it in the end of next month.
So, you guys be patience!!!

Cya in here!!! :ewan:


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Nice work Vazelos, it will be nice for us Greekies to have a Greek league at last. I'm planning on making a commentary of my own with 2 of my friends (one of them makes a great immitation of Georgiou) so I'll stick with the English for a while, no offence. But it would be nice to have alternatives.

Keep up the good work mate. Will be waiting for the patch.

EDIT: In case you need help with the commentary, we could work together on it. I could do the whole Andy Gray's part so that you have less work (Clive Tydsley).


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Leftos said:
Nice work Vazelos...

Hello my friend!!! :)

It would be nice to work together this Greek commentary patch
but there is a problem... We should edit more than 6000 sound files...
It's a lot of time my friend... I will surely make a sound patch for my
Greek Mega Patch but only the names of Greek players, names of Greek teams, chants etc.
Anyway, first I should finish with my Greek Mega Patch and then we will
see my friend... I really want to team up with you!!!

Really, where are you from???<O:p</O:p
My name is Simos and I leave in Athens.


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Name's Lefteris (Leftos for a shorter, that's what all friends call me now anyway) and I live in Iraklio, Athens (not Creta).

I know it's a lot of work, and maybe FIFA 07 will be out before we even finish all the files, but you could make a basic commentary patch with just the things you've mentioned, and after the first patch is released, we could work in a full commentary patch. I'll be doing some work on Andy Gray's commentary to give you some samples. Maybe after you finish working on the patch you could start on Clive Tydsley, or it could be the other way (I have enough free time to try and do Clive, it's up to you).


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i am speding about 2 hours per day for commentary greek. i hope in avout 2 moths will finish it.

i have finished about 500 files and i still continue

see you



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they made a greek patch last year and should make one again this year. I helped out with faces last year and somes faces that I made work in fifa 06. They made some kits for teams already too. Keep it up, the greek commentary sounds like a great idea.


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What do you mean???
Which teams are included in to the game or in to the patch???

If you mean in to the patch, It will include the 16 teams of A' Ethniki Katigoria
and you will can play in career mode too :)

In the game I think there will be Panathinaikos, Olympiakos and PAOK
in the rest of world.


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Hello guys!!! :) I'm still alive :bouncy: lol.

Well, the Greek Mega Patch goes nice.
I'm near to finish it :D at the end of this month, if everythings go well.

So you have to be little more patience!!! :D

Cya in here!!!


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your patch will add national teams and new balls ?
All national teams of Winning eleven 9 international can find in your patch?
Roster and kits will be updated in your patch?


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Well Simon maybe I can answer ur first question (and work my way down this thread).
For starters, EA couldnt care less if Greece won the Euro or World Cup. Dont look at it from a football point of view, think of it from a Marketing perspective. If EA cant make sales in Greece why bother? I setup a petition on my site just for that purpose. To show them there is a demand. Anyway from the number of signatures we've gotten you will probably see why not only was there no A' Ethniki in FIFA 06, but at this rate, I'm not even optimistic we will see it in FIFA 07.


Regarding the current teams 06 has - are OSFP, PAO and PAOK (supposedly PAOK's license ran out, so they put a generic logo yet in the 06 Manager PAOK has one - go figure!). At this point we have started regrouping and working on our next patches. As always, we would be glad to assist in any way.

@ Lymbe21 lookin fwd to some new faces (as always u da man!) ;)
@ Simon, nice job on the kits. As for the commentary, nice idea but seems like a lot of work. If you would like to get in touch with me or if u need any help, well I think u know where u can find me ;) Would be nice if we can all work together (for once).

Peace out guys


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Hey people,it would be nice if u could add a couple of Cypriot teams in your patch if its possible...if u need any info feel free to ask me...


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Hello guys!!! :) Here I am!!! :ewan:

Hi G2000!!! Are you Mike???

Well, I'm very close to finish the Greek Mega Patch :D:D:D
But, I have some problems and I want you guys to help me if you can.

1. How can I add a referee kit only for Greek league?
Referee's kit ID has no relation with team's kit ID.
Referees appear randomly in every game.

2. How can I add training kits???
I made new records in DB for every team, I added the ".fsh" files in
"zdata_xx.big" files as I did with the other kits but nothing.
When I'm going to the practice, team's training kits are still those ugly
default training kits.

3. How can I change the EA logo in to the game with a TV logo which
I have made???
Which files I should change???

I'll wait for your answers like crazy... lol
See you in here!!!


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Dear Vazele,

afou mporw meta tin pikra pou efaga kai akoma mpainw sto internet, to oti proxwras to patch einai kati poli efxaristo (eimai Olympiakos vlepeis...)

Anyway, since this thread is only viewed by the few of us Greeks in SoccerGaming (and I know most of us have no idea in editing), I think your questions should be re-posted in the editing forum, that get regular visits by editors and other people that should be able to help you better than us. Can't wait for the patch mate.

P.S. In terms of size, how big do you think it's going to be? Not that I worry much, my 384ara works just like it should.


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It's obvious people that his questions (which he asked over a week ago) are yet to be answered. If he gets those 3 things worked out, he'll go and release the patch. If you're able to help, you know it's going to come even sooner. If not, just wait.


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I have said that Greek Mega Patch will be ready in the end of this month
but as my friend Leftos said, when I get those 3 things that I'm working on,
then I'll release the patch...

My friend Leftos I understand why you are sad about Olympiakos in
Champions League but nothing is finish yet.
If Olympiakos wins the next 3 matches will be able to qualify to the next round.
I believe that Olympiakos can do that. We will see...

About the size of patch, I calculate that it will be 35-40 MB.
If someone has slow internet connection, I can send it postal (only in Greece)
but he should pay the postal expenses.

See you in here guys!!! :)


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350 to 400 MBs? Wow... I wouldn't guess... So, besides the kits and the rest of the graphics, what else is in the patch? Did you update the squads with the latest transfers, or should we wait for a database patch from someone else?