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Paixtara file mou... Eisai apla koryfaios! Synexise tin kali douleia k emeis tha synexisoume na to anagnorizoume! Eisai TRELOS!


Youth Team
Today I have for you Conceicao of Paok. With this download you will also recieve his smp file, once intsalled it will allow you to hear Conceicaos' name being called when he gets possesion of the ball. Hope you enjoy!



Maidenfan(FIN);2542755 said:
nice, didnt Man United sign him?

the player is the manchester, loaned to panathinaikos

Pextara, very very very thanks!!! very nice face!!! thanks again!!!


Youth Team
Thanks for all the comments guys :innocent_smile_1: and you are welcome coxlenox. Also, thank you very much for the pic of Oscar. I don't know when I'll have time to work on him, but another memeber, (belluschi) has already created him, check it out in his Greek kits and faces thread.