Great world cup article


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pede54 said:
heheheheee @ Virgo.......... (Y)

Diddles, G'day yourself mate. The World cup is for NATIONS, and not clubs. If you want to contact each individual FA (Football Association), just go to and click on "Associations". All the relevant info is there.

Yeah I thought it was a bit tight yesterday too when England wouldn't let Jamaica score at least one goal. Not very sporting really was it mate? Never mind, once we get to the World Cup itself, England will show their sporting side and probably let the other teams score a goal or two now and again......... :funny:

G'day Pede,

Thanks for that mate, but now I've got to learn 30 different languages to understand their websites. I'll have a crack at it but I was hoping for something like Aussie Footy Club, C/- Socceroos, Locked kangaroo Bag 1, Wombat Hole, Black Stump.

I'll keep having a look around as this is pretty important to me as it involves raising money for kids with cancer.

Thanks anyway mate and I'll keep an eye out on these boards for more info.

By the way, what are the odds of Brazil taking it out? I've noticed they've been in there for the past three years so that must give them a chance.