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Pollard7545;3978299 said:
My friend I know that you are very busy with life. When you have the time can you create flags for the two new MLS teams, Atlanta United and Minnesota United. Here is a link for all pictures that I could find to help with your research....Here is the link for Atlanta United and here is the link for Minnesota Thank you very much

sure mate when i finish serie C


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@graysky are you still here? We need really big favour from you to remake new banners for FYR Macedonia - There has been a new name agreed to between governments in Athens & Skopje + there is an agreement by Skopje to not use any images of symbols or persons of Ancient Macedonia nor make any territorial claims on neighboring countries.

Banners A2, A3, B3 & C1 have to be changed, as well as the long banner on right side. The sun symbol with 16 rays is Verginia Sun - symbol of Ancient Macedonia and present day region Macedonia inside Greece. Face on A2 is Alexander the Great - Greek hero.