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I cant believe how much bad FIFA 08 looks compared to the older versions (FIFA 2005 on PS2 was better)

The ball in 08 is a simple bad textured, no lighting and no relief at all. In FIFA 2005 the balls had light on them and relief.


The players are crappy. I mean they have no lighting at all on them. The textures are horrible. And dont forget that the following pictures are PS2 VS PC. The PC should have best graphics but its not the case. The graphics have gotten worse since FIFA 2005...
CongraTZ EA!


FIFA 2005 PS2:


Everyone agrees that 08 is a mess from EA!


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Styphelus;2432856 said: Fifa 08 looks a lot better than those screenshots you just posted.

I'm Agree. My Fifa 08 looks REALLY MUCH BETTER than those Screenshots too.

Cheers mates.


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Eitherway mate,it's all about balance.I mean,look at PES.It has great graphics but not so realistic gameplay.
Personally,i don't even have to say what i preffer,graphics or gameplay.I am posting here,so,yeah.


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wow!! that's UGLY!!

i have fifa08 in XBOX360... and i must say the graphics are amazing!!!
your video card must suck i guess


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I play on 1280X1024 on everything set on HIGH. And it looks pretty much the same as the pics... Maybe I need to modify the ini files.


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The pc version looks crap compared to the 360.
Ive seen it on a top end pc. and it dont come close to the 360.
But the players on pro evo on pc, look exellent.


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Yeah, EA got lazy this year with the PC version. They promissed to give PC gamers next gen graphics next year...oh well...

Still Fifa 08 on the PC beats any other football game out there. Games are not all about graphics. Plus the manager mode is great. It's basically all I play!


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Well, my graphics were poor like cipressquick's shots.

Anyway i edited locale.ini file, which is into FIFA08 main folder:

I incresead values for
QUALITY = 4 (it was 2)
RENDER_QUALITY = 5 (it was 2)
VSYNC_MODE = 4 (it was 3)

The game is now better, very good graphics and no slowdowns. I think it was poor because the game analyzes only PC specs but no gfx card (my pc is almost old, but my gfx works well yet).

PLEASE BEWARE, in my locale.ini there's written
which means "Don't touch the following values, crash danger!".

If you want, edit them at your own risk (considering also your PC specs).