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Hey man, thanks for the tutorial. However i can't edit the font of the of the bundesliga popup's teams name on the formation lineup, i have this problem also in the referee and commentators (not the specific names, but the word ''referee'' and ''commentators''), the rest of the stuff has the right font. However I don't know how to do it because with the hex I changed all the fonts of the overlay files and overlaycomponents.

P.S. the wrong font is champions, not the default one.
Though question. If you check my releases you will see I did not change the fonts so far as it always caused me difficulties. But some ideas:
- check Hex 1 as some overlay(component)s steer font related information from there. but be aware that values differ.
- some overlays (even having their own overlaycomponents) still partially refer back to "overlaycomponents_9.big" Maybe there it has to be adjusted as well.
-Bundesliga is as well referring to "Overlaycomponets_7.big"

Sorry if I am not really helpful but I did not find the time for font related deep search so far, though the "Turkish Süper Lig" made me think about it as there I had the first time the correct font information from a branding page. So maybe in the future more comes.


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Dichter bij voetbal/Plus proche du football

Belgium Jupiler Pro League and 1B Pro League Scoreboards. Additional Movie and Wipe for Jupiler Pro League, TV Logos Eleven TV and Belgian referee kits in 3 colour (black, neon yellow and orange)



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Credit Suisse Super League



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Credit Suisse Super League

Great work!


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Release night. I have four things to share today. First no scoreboard. What a surprise.
It is a Podium Pack containing following tournaments:

Austrian Bundesliga
Austria ÖFB Cup
Belgian Jupiler Pro League
BWin Liga Portugal
Credit Suisse Superleague
Dutch Eredivisie
EFL all six competitions
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Conference League (needs ID!!)
UEFA Super Cup
Turkish SüperLig



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Overlays Romania Casa Liga 1 (wipe needs ID)



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Overlays Fortuna Liga Czech Republic (Wipe needs ID)



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Awesome work! Could you please check your podium files in regards to CL and EL again? Most of the EL files are "missing" cause your CL files got the 224 ID instead of 223.


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@STrent: apologies, this happens when you work in a haste. Did not have the time to test all of them.

Guys, as I will be quite busy the next weeks and have limited access to my PC I share the textures for podiums (some Hungarian unreleased ones included) so you can change them yourselves. Still as soon as possible I will update the Podium Pack, just maybe not everyone wants to wait.
And do not expect anything fancy. I made very basic changes.

For those who want to make their own podiums here a short summary on how. (Even though it is explained in RevMod Documentation. I just made the experience that not everyone likes to read or do research :p) Just use one of my files and overwrite with your own stuff.



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Hi all! does anyone have these presentations? Or pitchflag?


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Overlays Romania Casa Liga 1 (wipe needs ID)

Duuuude, that looks sick, exactly like the real ones!!!


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@JochemLFC2 : Scoreboard Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Divisie ESPN

In real the colours should reflect the team colours like in the scoreboard but as per current knowledge it is not possible so the pack includes:

for AZ, Twente, Ajax etc fans:

for Zwolle, De Grafshaap, Heerenveen etc fans:

for Groningen, NEC, etc fans:

for RODA, Vitesse, Cambuur etc fans:

The pack includes as well the intro videos for Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Divisie and a basic ESPN TV Logo

Guys, I have some serious problems with those scoreboards, every time at the start of the game or when there is a substitution the game crashes.. Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong?


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