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At least that was the idea when I finish, but it is not entirely true.
My goal was to offer full freedom and a summary of available knowledge in Scoreboard/Overlay making. Failing would may be too harsh a self-judgment as I am around 90-95%. Really relevant stuff (at least as per my experience after releasing over 15 packs already) is all there.

What you will find here is a new version of the tutorial already released in April. The template is changed and extended, the textures adjusted to most possible coverage and the offset mapping is significantly broadened. (sometimes even maybe a bit of a barbaric overkill ex overlay 9018)

You will find the description in 6 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese - the latter three ones translated by a program as I do not speak them. Oh and apologies to guys from France, I hope I did not rape your languege too hard, but long time I didn't use it)

As the data is far bigger than last time I hope you can forgive eventual mistakes in the mapping. Following described patterns should be enough to overcome them.

I will continue research on the offset mapping in future but not as extensively as this time. If I pop into something obviously I will share. But now I need a break from numbers.

I wish a Merry Christmas to you all and your families. Stay safe and healthy.
See you in 2022.


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@nikolapfc89: BWIN Liga Portugal
sorry for taking so long but the next post will explain the delay

Good Work!


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Less prominent UEFA Friendlies (like before EURO 2020) needed it in Carreer Mode:



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@JochemLFC2 : Scoreboard Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Divisie ESPN

In real the colours should reflect the team colours like in the scoreboard but as per current knowledge it is not possible so the pack includes:

for AZ, Twente, Ajax etc fans:

for Zwolle, De Grafshaap, Heerenveen etc fans:

for Groningen, NEC, etc fans:

for RODA, Vitesse, Cambuur etc fans:

The pack includes as well the intro videos for Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Divisie and a basic ESPN TV Logo



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can you explain of true install?
I do not exactly understand what you mean by "true install". Maybe without File Server?

If yes, put the "game" folder in "C:\Origin Games\FIFA 16\data\ui" and overwrite files. Just note that if you do this all matches except Bundesliga and Premier League will use these overlays.

(If you still want to use Files Server you need to put the appropriate files as well in FSW\Scoreboard. That replaces the generic EA ones)


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@nikolapfc89 : as team colours are not possible in most overlays I used the logic of the ranking table view in the opening and the starting formation. Means the tournament colour is the background of the circles. For the rest i kept the EFL Dark Blue as background. Hope you are fine with the choice.

EFL Championship:

EFL League One:

EFL League Two:

EFL Play Offs:

EFL Carabao Cup:

EFL Papa John's Trophy



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Yeah, fantastic idea my friend!

They look great, awesome work as always!

@makispla2017 can you help us with scoreboard font? Any similar to this?

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