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wanna share some stuff with you guys.

First Hungarian OTP Bank Liga and National Team add-ons: Tracksuits, bibs, Goalnets, Crnerflags, Referee Jerseys, Scoreboard, TV Logo (Both for Monkeydragons Tools)

Image:"]HSP16 add-ons -
Download:"]HSP 16 addon - OTP Bank Liga, Hungary NT

Data is compatible with the Hungarian Super Patch 16 so please check Team und Tournament IDs.

(Disclaimer: HSP 16 created by FIFA Hungary Team, of which I am not part. It includes Hungarina Division 1-4 and Cup. - Download Link:"]HSP16megye and fixer:"]HSP16megyefix.

more to come soon


Youth Team
a selection for german teams including:

Lok Leipzig Kits, tracksuits and banners (check Team ID, overwrote Sandhausen for myself)
BSG Chemie Leipzig Kits + Special kit from Charity Match "Flutlicht für Leutzsch", tracksuits banners and Flags (Team ID Heidenheim)
St Pauli Tracksuit and Banners
Fortuna Düsseldorf Special Kit "Toten Hosen - Alles aus Liebe" with Tracksuit, flags and banners
Eintracht Frankfurt Classic Kit 1995 and banners


As pormised above here are some classic kits and actual (2020) tracksuits for following teams

Netherlands 1988
England 1992 third
Germany 1994
Spain 1994
Italy 1994-96
England 1996 away
Mexico 1998 away and home
France 1998 WC Final

and some bibs for international tournaments.

When in game are tracksuits worn by players? I don't recall seeing them. Great classic kits btw. Keep them coming.


Youth Team
When in game are tracksuits worn by players? I don't recall seeing them. Great classic kits btw. Keep them coming.
The bench players, players warming up next the sideline wear them but only if weather conditions apply (cold or rain), else they are wearing the bibs. As well the man of the match if substituted in the ending video sequence or trophy ceremony if in winter or rain. It is not a prominent spot, but more visible than cornerflags :-D.
(the rx3 files need to be in data/sceenassets/warmup and RevMod must be installed (regen BH not needed))


Youth Team
New Hungarian Graphics pack.
Including Kits for all 12 Teams of Hungarian OTP Bank Liga 2020-21, cornerflags (correctly set), some new goalnets, crowdshirts, kitoverlays for European tournaments and new ref kits from adidas for Hungarian tournaments and the actual Macron Referee Kits for European Tournamants.
Please read "Read Me" for exact details.


oh and forgot:
to fully enjoy the enhanced graphics add following line to FIFA 16\data\fifarna\lua\assignments\general.lua:

(all kits are in 2048)
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Youth Team
A szenvedélyek csapata.
Holnap nagy nap lesz. 25 év után újra BL-ben a Fradi. Annó hatalmas volt az ünnep. hogy újra átélhessük itt egy Patch FIFA 16-hoz. Köszönjük Novák Dezsőnek és csapatának a gyönyörű emlékeket.

A patch az 1995-96-os keret mellett a mezeket, reklámtáblákat, TV logókat és az ellenfelek akkori mezeit tartalmazza. (részletes leírás lásd Read Me)

The team of Passion.
Tomorrow Ferencváros will play against FC Barcelona in the Champions League. 25 year ago as first Hungarian team we managed to reach the group stage. Biggest success in my life at that time. To be able to relive and replay those moments here a Patch. Thank you Novák Dezső (RIP) and his team.

The patch contains roster 1995-96 for Ferencvárosi TC with kits, adboards, TV Logos and the classic kits of opponent teams (RSC Anderlecht, Grasshoppers Zürich, Real Madrid, Ajax). For details please see Read Me.

Download :


Youth Team
New Graphics Pack: kits for all 16 Champions League Teams 1995-96, referee kit 1995-96 and current tracksuits for the teams.


Teams included:
Aalborg BK
Ajax Amsterdam
Blackburn Rovers
Ferencvárosi TC
Grasshoppers Zürich
Legia Warszawa
FC Nantes
FC Porto
Rangers FC
Real Madirid CF
Rosenborg BK
Steaua Bucuresti
Spartak Moscow

Apologies to fans of Aalborg, Steaua and Spartak but i could not find proper detailed reference pictures. I hope the jerseys are correct. (consider it as art, in that case you shouldn't be mad at me :ewan:)
Oh and Dortmund is already included in the Bundesliga 95-96 pack some posts above.

Please check Team IDs for tracksuit as Rangers (86), Steaua (106000) and Ferencváros (130102) are not included in original FIFA 16.