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This is the body model with short sleeves it works perfectly but there is an issue that i cant fix the dark part in the arms under the sleeves .
- Just copy the folder in FIFA14\Game\data\sceneassets
try to find a solution with me for this little problem the hard part has done
@Blds11 Do you have short sleeve shirt models for kits with collar numbers 8-11? Your mod seems to only have files for kits with collar numbers 0-7.


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New images For stadiums
version 1.1 (HBZ mod)
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can u send me fifa 15 body models for fifa 14?
Hello guys, I'm new on this forum. First of all I want to appreciate all the guys making mods for Fifa 14, you guys are the best. I just need a little help. I was thinking if there was a way I could stop my other teammates from pulling me when I want to celebrate. They pull me and prevent from performing my intended celebration. This gets very annoying. Also the graphics of them celebrating together is not as good as when I celebrate alone. So is there any way I can fix this? Maybe by adding a line to cl.ini? Your replies would be very appreciated. Thank you.