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i guess from game_meta and game_ui db?
because i see only db and cl.ini file, which means you convert both db file from fifa 18?
This gameplay without cl.ini or any modification the cl.ini just unlock all the celebrations. The others files in db are converted from Fifa 18 only db meta is from FIP patch 2018 .


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Based on the fifa 18 gameplay not db rating and statics. I play Fifa classic with this gameplay too

Sam kL

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Can anyone help me to fix the little dark part under the sleeves to be like the skin color ?
the mod work perfectly just fix this little issue
Link check out the link its a sweetfx somehow brightens the dark part though not completely but its better off also the game graphics look amazing using it.


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Just erase cl.ini and fifa_ng_db.db.bak from db then put the files and regenerate .
Every time you use creation master and u press save go to db folder ana delete fifa_ng_db.db.bak because it is the cause of the hard gameplay.


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People .bak file that is a backup, created by Creation Master or DBMaster. The game doesn't read it. There is no need to replace it with anything. It can be removed and nothing will happen.


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i like this camera angles from DATA_DRIVEN_REACTIONS but the crowd angle is too bad how can i remove it i want just keep this angles


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