Graphic Problem


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I'm having issues with the replays, it's like the lighting gets messed up and it looks like there are camera flashes going off all the time. Normal gameplay is perfect though.

any ideas or anybody else with the same issue?



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same issue here. i remember people having this problem in 13, didn't happen to me for 13 though so didn't take any notice of it. will have a search back through the 13 forum and see if i can find any solutions

edit: could try a few of the suggestions in that thread, see if they work, sounds like it didn't for the guy that was trying.

edit 2: found this, look at the first comment, just disable anti aliasing. also have a look at the fixes/troubleshooting page on fifa infinity, i found following the suggested settings for the nvidia control panel fixed it for me. still having some stuttering issues at times but will hopefully sort it out.


Youth Team
My problem is that the players'heads become Christmas trees, with little
shining dots.
It always happens except when I choose "cloudy weather". During "day" it is
less annoying because of the light but during the night it's rubbish.
The strange thing is that when I import "face" from FIFA 13 this doesn't
happen. It happens only with original "face" of FIFA 14.
I downloaded video card's updates, I've got a radeon 7950 boost ( so a good
video card), I reinstalled, I did everything but nothing changes.
Does the same thing happen to someone?
Can anyone help me or tell me which is the problem?
Thanks a lot,
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