Good deal, or what?!


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This player:

Allowed me to buy this: Duarte::27:b:ar&atts=4:7:5:5:8:3:1:5:1:2:5:6:9&nat=en 8 Restaurants, 10 Fast Food, 4 Hotels

Not bad business methinks ;)


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Saw them both pepe is too old and the other one well just didnt like him ;)
Great deal to!

chris boston

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If you can wait a season and have a good coach, yes. The last striker I bought has 4 speed, but he will hopefully be 6 or thereabouts a season after buying him. In the meantime I don't even have to play the guy, he was on the bench at the weekend :D


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:) a bought a 3 shooter last season from england he was only 18 and now he has 6 shootin a sold him at the weekend and made 150000gbp and last season a payed 5000gbp for him:D that was gd:D