Goalnet Xpander


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Originally posted by [FI] Fabio
But for the people with unexpected error, No luck for you guys i can't find that problem :( Maybe other people can help you with that maybe it's an update for windows or something when someone found it i hope to hear from him!

Not good. But I think there must be something wrong with the start-up, because I can't even start it, I doubbel click in the icon on my desktop and then it appeares. And I have the same problem with Chant Importer and Fun Tool.


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Works fine for me i dont think theres a problem with the program though now the fix has been released I havent got the foggiest idea how to help :confused:


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Unfortunately still doesn't work form me:( ...Also with the new fixed version there are still no changes in the game...I've noticed that the program does not modify at all my Zdata-06.big file...It's really a pity, the tool is potentially great and I would like a lot to use it:(
Any ideas or solutions about my problem?


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I've found the solution to my problem putting each time the .fsh file of the net from the "GXPNets" folder directly to the data folder..this way the program works.
Anyway, I have a question for the authors or for anybody knows..is it normal to see the characteristics of the new nets only in very close framings?
Thank you in advance to anyone will answer me.


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it woks for me...but only when i get to look at the nets right close up...as theyre are 2 different textures for every visible net...close view and distance view...i think this patch only changes the close view textue so you only see it when zoomed in...