Goal Net Color And Size


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Can someone explain it to me how can I change goal net to white on Etihad Stadium - Man City. They are black now.
Open CGFE 18, go to Stadiums then find Etihad, click on Net, then change the colour from the options available. I put it back to white on mine.


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I posted it on another topic, but I'm gonna paste it here since it's related to goal nets and can be useful to someone else.

I've been trying some different codes to add in locale.ini, in order to get different goal nets and goal nets' animation, but they don't differ much from each other. The three revelant ones, are these:

SOCCERNET_BOX_NORMAL_TENSE_4_SUPPORTS=1 //This one looks like being the standard one from FIFA 17, but since in FIFA 18 we don't have 4 ropes holding the net (only two), it makes the net fall loose. That's why we have such a great animation. Although I don't see it as a "good looking" net, it does ended up having a great net animation.

SOCCERNET_BOX_SHALLOW_LOOSE_2_SUPPORTS=1 //Default FIFA 18 with a bit longer animations? It does feel like.

SOCCERNET_BOX_DEEP_LOOSE_2_SUPPORTS=1 //The top of the net falls a lit bit more than usual.

I also recommend to set the Net Type "loose" in game settings.

I made a video showing them:

Editing the stadiumgoalnetdepth with dbmaster:



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There is a problem with this code:


The problem with all that is that if you put a triangular goal in "visual effects", the game crashed while initializing the match!!!


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Hi !
I'm hopping on Fifa 19 the nets will be white and not greyish !
Could someone help me to find how to change the colour nets (to make a brighter white) using CG file explorer. In Bundles>win32>content>wolrds>commponents or textures. Then what am I supposed to do ? ^^