GK Throws + PC Control


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Does anybody know the PC control for GK to make a long throw? Where they really use force with one arm and the ball gets thrown wide? Almost like flanking (without kicking)....
I've seen the Computer GK do this a lot and I remember that I was able to pull it off when I started playing Fifa 14 too but I don't remember how I did it...it was lukck I guess. I just can't pull it off anymore, regardless of the GK. :/
Could it be that not all GKs have this ability? That would be kind of odd, because most GKs in real life can do it and do do it. And I've seen it so many in game (by the computer GKs).

Anyhow...with regular keyboard + mouse settings the GK does the following:
a = comes out early when opponent is attacking
a = drops the ball when he has it (so he can shoot it instead of throwing it)
right mouse button = throws the ball short and onto the ground (arm below the waist)
??? = throws the ball long and wide (arm above the waist or shoulder)
s = long kick
left mouse button = long kick (I think more forceful as it is usually the goal attempt kick)

I'm thinking that the long throw has to be done in combination with anothery key such as 'd' or the middle mouse button. Since that usually unlocks tricks and special moves, but that is mostly with the regular players. And I did try these combinations (like s+d,right mouse button + d,right mouse button + middle mouse button etc) with various GKs for throwing but it didn't work....drives me nuts!

So yeah, pleas help. :)