Give it a chance


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Has anyone thought about giving this game a chance? I realize some of you don't like the FIFA series at all. But I think it's cool that EA and FIFA are trying a new angle on the game. Whether it sucks or is awesome I think we need to give it a chance because it could become a part of an annual series like the original game. Obviously there are some kinks that need to be redone. but we should be here to help EA out and give them feedback, not bash a game that shows of the game we love. So don't bash, just explain what you think should be fixed.
I realize that sounded corny, but I am right.


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yep u are right golfanatic5, i gave this game a chance and man i like it. i call it money well spent :p (ok ok, it COULD be spent better but ive wasted more before!


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Well I think thats what people have been doing... criticising the game a lot , in a lot of key features or mistakes... that could help EA a lot, as a feedback... I mean, bashing would be 'The game sucks, trash it!.... I hate the game beacause I hate FIFA... Dont buy the game because I dont like the new tricks...' etc etc etc...