Germany: COLOSSAL disappointment


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Dissappointed? no one expected Germany to get that far with such a young team even though they shouldnt of got out of the group after losing to serbia and getting spanked by Ghana but still managing to win that match.

Either way they got way farther than anyone expected them to so that wasnt a disappointment.


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FernandoCatala;2906303 said:
Haha you are funny mate. This is a soccer forum, not a "My country is pretty much better than yours at everything except soccer (which I love, but isn't my favorite sport) forum. So when you start attacking with other stuff like politics, or sports your country had to make up so they could win something. Well it makes you look like a little b*tch.

Sorry mate someone had to say it :innocent_smile_1:

**** off ArgVega.


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ArgVega;2906076 said:
Whoever gave me neg rep and posted that: "Divine right" never got anyone anywhere in football




What Shifty said. :coffe-anim: