Gamepad Configuration Tutorial


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I have seen so many problems with gamepad configuration and I have decided to write a short tutorial for helping to solve them.


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gamepad config

Thanks man , you seem to be the only one on the net who has the knowledge to solve this problem.
Thanks again.


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man thnx alot for this tutorial, it took me a while to fix my gamepad but i finally got it

i was also wandering if you could let me upload it to Fifa Chillspot so other ppl will also know about this (H)


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garakuta102 said:
Man,I using the same gamepad,
and I wanna know how to use right analog stick,please.

sorry but I cant make this job for you but you should make it for yourself.
First because I don't own a Logitech Dual Action but a 830T sightfighter
(what shown in the tutorial was just an example). Second because the control identifiers of each gamepad are different and there is not any standard. So the only way to proceed is to understand the data structure of the devadata.dat (this is what explained in the tutorial) and then try to edit.


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There is also a devdata.dat in my documents/Fifa 2006 as there is in the main folder. Do they both need editing or just the one?


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O'neill said:
There is also a devdata.dat in my documents/Fifa 2006 as there is in the main folder. Do they both need editing or just the one?

If you already have a file in the folder Documents\FIFA06\user that is the file to modify.
The file under data\input is copied there if not already found.


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Rinaldo , how did you find out the structure of the devdata?
With your document I could understand it after reading it 3 times.
Its amazing that you found out yourself how it works , since this structure is in my opinion different from previous versions of Fifa.It still isn't clear why they were using 3 rows.I changed them all the same way and it worked fine. :hit:


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Yeah, this works really well. Thanks for the hard work

Heres a tip that might help. If you gamepad has say 6 buttons and 4 shoulder buttons then obviously that makes 10.

However, the buttons may not be numbered 1 through to 10 when you start editing the .dat file. In my instance they were numbered 0 through to 9.

Which once I had sussed out, made editing the file that much easier.

Maybe this will help someone....



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I cannot figure out how to get the right stick going on a Logitech Dualaction.

Anyone have one that works, maybe post the actual values?



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Here i am using XFX dual vibration gamepad, that always worked with all my games, including previous versions of FIFA but now i can't get the right joystick to work... and that is a great handicap because of all the special controls and moves...

Anyone can help!?

I already tried to edit the Windows registry, and change it's name to the name of a gamepad supported by FIFA06 and then the right joystick worked well but the directions were all scrambled, maybe because the calibration is not the same, and since it doesn't have the option to re-calibrate the pad inside FIFA06 this doesn't solve my problem.


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graham said:
have a ps2 pad for pc right stick not working can you help graham

I think that pad is one of the supported pads in the game, check the \data\input\*.dat file like it was mentioned before in this thread and try to edit the name of your pad on the windows registry so it matches with the name that comes in that file.


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Finally I solved my problem with my XFX Dual Vibration Gamepad.

It wouldn't recognize my right joystick, so what I did was, edit the windows registry and replace every key that had the name of my gamepad with the name of trustmaster 3.2 (it seemed to be the most similar to mine), and then in my documents\fifa06\data\user in the devdata file i replaced all the 3 lines with the 3 lines of axis pad that appears in the beggining of this file.

Then voilá, configure the controlers on fifa and let's play !