Game play?


Youth Team
I have played the 2005 version in Amateur mode to get use to it and then adavnce up levels to make it harder. I am now playing 2006 version and I am in Amateur level and it seems all the cpu players are world class. Why? I went in to see if I make my team awesome maybe this would help. All my players are of age range from 16-22 and 100 for all atrbs. I still have a major issue getting the ball down field they are always stealing the ball and faster then my guy which is imposible since all my players are 100 speed and full start rating for team and the team I am playing is only 2 1/2 stars. Can someone help me out on this? I just want to get good at it then advance up levels, but not sure why it is so hard in an easy level unlike how 2005 was.

arghhhh :(


Youth Team
It's because of your team chemistry. If you're in a new club the and the first few months will be tough but if you do well enough(if you're among the top 10 in your league or so) by January your team will play much more fluently and games will become easier to win. For now, try to counterstrike with lob ball to your wingers. a 4-4-1-1 is a way to start.