Game Performance /FPS related


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Hey there, happy new year everyone!

Well, I'll try to be brief.

I used to play the original FIFA 08 as it came out of the box but never noticed the relatively few FPS it gave me until I decided to try a patch which would add me the World National Teams. Fact is, the patched game (sepparated installation, sepparated game) runs incredibly smoother than the original FIFA 08 unpatched. The problem with this patch is it has some bugs that lock the computer when handling it.

And now, the question is: How can I set up the original FIFA 08 to run as smooth as the patched version in order to get the patched FPS and the stability of the original game??? (obviously, it has nothing to do with my hardware since the patched game should be the same than the original one with added stuff)

NOTE: I m talking about the biggest resolutions available ! Even with these resolutions the patch did fairly well and much better than the original FIFA.

Thank you so much for your help!