FV.Luces Faces!

kEEp sILENCe =$

Club Supporter
hi FV.LUCAS your faces are great ........ but when do you want to release them ??????? :((
plzzzz harry up man ............. thxxx for your great faces >>>>> ;)))))))))


Youth Team
Mihaylov probably one of your best faces! (Y) Looks amazing. Fer and Eriksen look also great to me.



Youth Team
Wow, you are are a very talented facemaker. this is real quality. the nose is godlike.

but i have few tips for you.

work on the eye lids. the upper lids are too small, make them bigger, they are essential point to recognize the player. Work on lower lids, the form is a little messy.

the eyecolor must be more green :)

in the left eyebrow (our view) is a wave, make it more straightly.

look on the left pic. on the jaw (left side) is the texture too low. fix it, please :)

last tip: the chin. Make the form more than a V. the form must be more pointy (like a V, but not so extreme ;) )

then the face is perfect :)


Senior Squad
Thx guys, here a preview of the coming pack (Y) Tomorrow evening the download link..