FUT15 : End Of Match Disconnection Bug

Discussion in 'FIFA 15 Support Forum' started by krisaju95, Jul 12, 2015.

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    I've noticed recently that after playing FUT matches, there's a high tendency for an error report "...unable to complete your request, Please try again later..." followed by disconnection from FUT, and a forfeited match irrespective of your actual result. This happens after the final whistle, which can be quite annoying. I've dropped all the way down for division 1 to division 3 because of these disconnections. My brother's friend who works at EA told me (via my brother) that there are some issues with servers in certain regions, and, that EA aren't prioritising measures to fix this (not surprising). I've "lost connection" in about 70-80% of the matches I've played in the last 5 days. (I didn't mind that much as long as I was actually winning, but it can be annoying when you've played real hard against another really good player and won, but lost, if you know what I mean). Today, and yesterday, I decided that after the game, I won't skip the end-of-match replays and let it take it's time. Whenever I did this, I wouldn't get disconnected. It's something to with the game not establishing a connection to send final results to the server which we usually force by skipping the replays. Letting the replays go by allows the game to connect to servers on it's own request. It's just a work around, I've tried this for around 8-9 games and it worked. I also tried skipping the replays in one match just to check if EA had fixed the issue, but guess what, they didn't.

    Also, another bug is where when your opponent quits early in the game, there are chances that it disconnects for you as well. I face this usually with coin-farmer trolls who just score an own-goal and quit. My only work around for this is to avoid coin farmers.

    Let me know if anyone has found better solutions to the previous problem.


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