free swap file space


Youth Team
my friend put fifa2004 on his pc.It says it needs 280mb of free swap file space. how does one free swap file space. is it dangerous for him to free swap file space on his pc?


Youth Team
Click on My Computer with the right mouse button,then click properties.
Then go to the Advanced ( In the top of this small window you have System Restore,Remote and in the end Advanced)

There where Performance is,click on Settings.

And then in the new opened window in the top is again Advanced.
Click on it.

The you will have at the bottom of the window a button Change.

There is where you can change the swap file space.

It depends of how many MB of RAM you have...

I have 256 MB DDR,so for the Initial(minimum) size i have 384 mb free swap space.

The maximum musst be set to 3 times more then your size of MB RAM!!!

So i have 256 mb ram and my maxium free swap space is 768 mb.

If someone has 1024 mb of ram,then the swap file space musst be set to 3072 mb and so on.

I hope i helped!