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Hello modders, makers, helpers, users and complainers. Sorry for long post bellow, take your time, its free. :)

Since we are all here because we all want to improve our game with mods and patches (either making or using them) most of us don't want to have to pay for mods which we can make ourselves with each others help. There are a lot of good modders and makers here who are willing to share their work for free and also helping others in making their own mods.

Thank you all for that, that's why i wanted to start this FREE MODS Collaborations Project.

Why should we pay for some mod from "pay for my services modders (prostitutes)" (some of them are using others work from this or any other community, and share like their own work with some tweaks and demand money for it, haha), when we can have it here for FREE like always.
Sure, some will steal again, but the point is you don't have to share your work on public for all eyes to see, at least in private with the people working on a specific mod you can help with how ever you feel like (project files, compdata, db data, kits, graphics, informations on teams, whatever help you can and want to offer), hence the collaboration project term.

If this community can stick toghether, help & colaborate on each others work, free mods will be better and more stable, some very compatible too. And people will of course use it more than paid ones who are not so different (even more buggier) than mods i found for FREE all around the web and i'm gratefull for that.

* (to be clear, i understand and have nothing against people who are making all by themself and they sell their mods, they want something for their time and work, nothing wrong, but that's not the essence of modding (they didn't actually made a new game to sell, just modifying / modding excisting files which a lot of people here can do too, and doing it since i remember, with no cash involved), mods should be used by EVERYONE).

Plan is to have one place with links with ALL big mods made or in the process of making for people to download or help each others and collaborate in every way in mods making.

First page will constist of ALL mods links (made or in the procces) and will be updating.
- Mods list for example:

- Europeo Mod - new European Leagues added (Russia, Czech, Greece, etc), teams (Crvena Zvezda, Partizan, RIjeka, APOEL, Oleksandria, Qarabağ, etc)
- working on: @joshua3231 ,
* Kit makers - NEEDED
* Adboards makers - NEEDED
* Ball makers - NEEDED
* CL & EL (Conference League if possible) Competiton links - HELP NEEDED

- Serbian Super Liga - + Croatian League, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia, etc.
- working on: @shoneroma90
* CL & EL (Conference League if possible) Competiton links - HELP NEEDED

So instead of making two separate patches and working our asses out, we can combine work, he can help me with teams he already made for Europeo, and i can help him with kits, maybe some teams or players if i have made some (not :) )

So if someone else wants to help someone or share projects and files, just take a look at the first page to see what is in the making around the forum, and write here or contact in private the person making the mod you would like to contribute (nothing new or revolutionary, people are doing this here since the "SoccerGaming stone age").

If you started working on a Mod and need help, write here and i will put it in the first page.

Let's see what we can do toghether.
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Yes man, even for people willing to participate and knows nothing about modding, they can help with information/images at least for a start.

Plan is to connect each others more and engage to work togheter on creating mods.

So we don't have for example two World Cups, when we can have one with modders collaborating so it can be more stable, and will be faster for release of course, If this idea come to life).
Possibly converting for older/newer Fifa's if someone have the will (CM 16 can be parcialy used for newer Fifas too, useful for new competitons formats).

Good thing is some mods can be released in a testing stage periodicaly before full release, for people to use and test while you work on other teams, so you can have feedback for bugs and problems. and i hope more help from community for solving those problems.)

If you need help with US Project, share your pain and someone will help you. I can help you with Kits and graphics, give us the list of your progress and maybe someone can help too.


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I like making kits very much, but I focus too much on details and it takes a long time to get through it. I can't tell when I will support your patch.
No worries, I understand the attention to detail problem. Focus on your patch first please.


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I like making kits very much, but I focus too much on details and it takes a long time to get through it. I can't tell when I will support your patch.
You can try make few kits, when you have time and will of course, which are using the same design like the kits you already made (and you made a lot of great kits), so mostly you will just change color and sponsors so you don't waste time on making new designs.

Cheers man.

P.S. Do you need help with some stuff for your Mods? Feel free to ask HERE. ( I became a spammer)