fps problems


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hey i have problem with my framerate when running pes 2008 as my frame rate is 60 fps but the game slow downs i don't know why
i play it on high detail 1280x1024
my specs are
p4 3ghz
2 gb ram
geforce 8600 gts
windows xp sp2 and drivers version is 163.71 (latest)
i played the demo on the same settings and there was no slow down at all
please i need help


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i have already turned off the frame skipping but i really like this game and want to play it but these awful slow downs destroy the gameplay
will konami release a patch to fix this problem or what and if it will do this so when???


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i dont think they will i cant believe they got away with this.. the programming of this game is horrible i mean i can play the new crisis demo nba live etc hell even fifa 2008 but this year konami really let me down.. and it aint even nect gen


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The programming of this game is so slapshod its unreal, I've got a Radeon HD2900 XT, and every other game runs fine but I get the occasional stutter, and worse even with 16x FSAA I get jagged edges on graphics.

I'm debating now whether to trade the game in already and buy something else!