Forbid some Teams or whole leagues to take part in the transfer market in career mode


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Hi People. I actually try to modify Fifa06. Maybe the experts know there is a "asset number" or a "leagueid" in the database for every league and tournament.
For the International (The National Teams) "gui league" the asset or id is 78.
I call it "gui league" because its not a real league. Its just displayed in the gui like the "International" section for the national teams.

So I created different "gui leagues" for Asia, Africa, Europe (just International in Europe renamed) etc.

Now here is my Problem: The Game treats the other "gui leagues" for my national teams like clubs.
That means there is no anthem animation and the national teams take part on the transfere time
in Career mode. So you can buy a player from national teams(exception Europe national teams).
I dont wont this.

How can I change this? The only difference I can find is the asset or Id number. For Europe(International) it is 78. And all created "gui leagues" has Level 5.
For Europe 78 its all right. Nationel Anthem animation and not in Career mode.
But the other, Asia, Africa etc. it is not right. I test it by change the asset number. If I reassign Africa to 78(And Change Europe to 3 or 80 for Example), then
Afica is all right but now Europe has no anthem animation and is in career mode.

I guess for number 78 there is a special adjustment or like this.
How can I define the other id's exactly like the asset 78 for International section?


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Has no one an idea? A assumption or an evidence, maybe. Which file can contain the relevant info, possibly? A line in the common.ini maybe(maybe you have to add a line)? Is there another Forum, which you can recommend me?