For those getting Right Analog Stick Problem, please come in


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Thrustmaster firestorm wireless usb

My right analog stick isnt working can someone help it "works" if i press the 10 buton of joystick plus the left directional stick :f***: :f***: :f***:


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This is a great post but i have a problem (using kiki joy psx adaptor) under current controlset vid code etc i only have 0, 1 axis..... no 2 or 5

my right analogue stick does work though just that up is left etc

could this axis be stored somewhere else? or should i create a 2 and 5

thanks for any help guys


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Sorry to dump this thread again
But i've almost the same problem but with the Y axe
when i push it up it's negative and when i pull it it's postive
Anyway to revert this please?


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i,ve been using motionjoy and ps3 pad connected by usb for fifa 12 now for 7 months and my

pad constantly disconnected and occassionaly i got bsod.well you guys are going to love me

because i,ve found the solution its called "FIFA 12 PC Universal Gamepads Configuration" i

found out about it on utube heres the link

somebody please try it and let everyone know that it works heres how u do it

1) download FIFA 12 PC Universal Gamepads Configuration
2) start motionjoy as normal and choose xbox emulator
3)then start the FIFA 12 PC Universal Gamepads Configuration and set buttons
4) once buttons are set exit motionjoy u dont need it anymore

anybody who trys this and would like to add me on fifa 12 pc my user name is RONALDONUT